• Issue #14: Minimalism

    Issue #14: Minimalism

    Welcome to the fourteenth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Minimalism. In this edition, Graham argues that we do not need more computing power than that of a 25 dollar computer nowadays, and Adrian explains why "complex" is better than "complicated."

  • Issue #14: Minimalism

    Do I Need A Supercomputer?

    When Apple introduced their new line of Power Mac G4 computers in 1999, they famously made much of their classification as a supercomputer under the export controls legislation in the United States at the time. Processors (whether CPUs, GPUs, or application-specific circuitry like TPUs or the T2 security processor in modern Macs) have become both faster and more parallelized since then. Many of the chips in a modern smartphone are much more powerful than the Motorola PowerPC 7400 that Apple claimed was weapons-grade.

  • Issue #12: Being A Senior Developer

    Issue #12: Being A Senior Developer

    Welcome to the twelfth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Being a Senior Developer. In this edition Daniel Steinberg explains how forty years of experience in the field is just the beginning, Graham argues that "agile" methodologies have reached senior status at the age of twenty, and in this issue's subscriber-only article, Adrian talks about not being a senior developer anymore.