• Issue #42: Trade Unions

    Issue #42: Trade Unions

    Welcome to the forty-second issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Trade Unions. In this edition, Adrian tries to understand the root cause of why most software workers are not unionized; Graham explains the financial and societal consequences of a non-unionized workforce; and in the Library section, Adrian reviews "Programmed Inequality" by Mar Hicks.

  • Issue #42: Trade Unions

    We Deserve Better. Collectively, We Can Get It.

    People working at technology companies are among the most exploited in the world. It might not feel like it, if you are a programmer getting up from your Herman Miller chair at your sit/stand desk to go and pick up your third subsidised meal of the day, stopping at the foosball table to talk about how you might spend your social allowance this evening. We will come back to all of these points later, but let us start with the golden rule of journalism: follow the money.

  • Issue #41: Licensing

    Fitness For Purpose

    Licensing has become the major battleground of the software industry. I do not mean the petty in-fighting between the advocates for copyleft and non-copyleft free software licences, nor the Humpty-dumptyism of the debate over "free software" versus "open source software". I do not even mean the blood-stained hills where stand the encampments of the open source and the proprietary software warriors. The battle I refer to is the decades-long combat between programmers on the one side, and their sponsors and clients on the other. The war the software industry wages against its own user.

  • Issue #41: Licensing,  Library

    Richard Matthew Stallman

    It would be inappropriate to have an issue on software licensing without including one of the people whose work has done most to shape the topic. Somehow we managed not to mention him by name in the issue on Free, Libre, and Open Source Software. Well, today we correct that.