• Issue #45: Requirements,  Title

    Issue #45: Requirements

    Welcome to the forty-fifth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Requirements. In this edition, as an author, Graham explains requirements gathering so that teams stop making assumptions; Adrian tries to reconcile agile practitioners with requirement gathering; and in the Library section, Graham reviews a growing number of worker union-related titles.

  • Issue #45: Requirements

    On Agile Requirements

    We keep talking and writing blog posts, recording podcasts, and publishing an edition of this magazine dedicated to requirements because most software engineers and managers have a conflicting relationship with them. Engineers and managers will complain that writing requirements down (even in small cards) is against the ethos of Agile (spoiler alert: it is not), while the same engineers and managers will blame project failure to, guess what? Insufficient or incomplete requirements. Shocker.