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De Programmatica Ipsum has been published every first Monday of each month since October 2018. We do not track our users, nor clutter our content with advertising. We do not use our newsletter contacts for anything else than to send a new edition every month. The email newsletter itself contains no advertising of any kind. We do not use affiliate links anywhere on our website. De Programmatica Ipsum is made with love and with the support of our readers: it is free and ad-free and alive thanks to patronage from readers. We have no staff, no interns, and no assistants.

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Our Patrons

We would like to thank our patrons who generously contribute every month (or have contributed in the past) to our work, and help us run this magazine. Thank you so much! In alphabetical order:

Adam Guest, Adrian Tineo Cabello, Benjamin Sheldon, Christopher Nascone, Colin Powell, Franz Lucien Moersdorf, Guillermo Ramos Álvarez, Jean-Paul de Vooght, Dr. Juande Santander-Vela, Patryk Matuszewski, Paul Hudson, Quico Moya, Roger Turner, and Szymon Licau.

Guest Writers

We would also like to thank the guest writers who helped bootstrap this magazine in its first year; again, in alphabetical order:

Adam Jones, Adrian Tineo Cabello, Agis Tsaraboulidis, Anastasiia Vixentael, Carola Nitz, Daniel Steinberg, Fernando Rodríguez, Guido de Caso, Ioana Porcarasu, Julia Cacciapuoti, Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard, Roland Leth, Sheree Atcheson, and Susanna Riccardi.

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