• Issue #51: Freelancing,  Vidéothèque

    Mike Monteiro

    Erika Hall and Mike Monteiro founded Mule Design, a design consultancy in San Francisco, around 20 years ago. Mike was (in)famously known around a decade ago on Twitter, where his profanity-laden rants about design, ethics (or lack thereof), unionization, and open condemnation of fascism, reached peaks of popularity and retweets.

  • Issue #50: Humor,  Vidéothèque

    Gary Bernhardt

    One of the most visible side-effects of specialization is that we miss on interesting things existing in other technical galaxies. This is one of the main goals of this magazine; to point to stars in other locations of the sky and let people discover amazing new people. If you are not in the web, JavaScript, or Ruby galaxies, you might have missed on Gary Bernhardt, and that would be too bad.

  • Issue #48: Evolution,  Vidéothèque

    Bret Victor

    The first video of this series will feature none other than Bret Victor in one of his most memorable talks. We have already discussed Bret in a previous article about Smalltalk, where we named him one of the most influential figures in that galaxy. This video, however, shows that his light shines much brighter than that.