• Issue #67: Text Editors,  Title

    Issue #67: Text Editors

    Welcome to the sixty-seventh issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, about Text Editors. In this edition, we argue that "editor wars" are a pointless loss of time; in the Library section, we review "Code" by Charles Petzold; and in our Vidéothèque section, we watch a video from the Fireship channel.

  • Issue #67: Text Editors

    For Lack Of A Better Word

    Text is a surprisingly dense medium. Despite what the common pretension of online folklore states, I consider the adage, "an image is worth a thousand words" to be a blatant slur, and this magazine is my feeble attempt at demonstrating such a thesis. Text is powerful, deep, and intricate; if anything because it can be misinterpreted and reinterpreted a piacere.

  • Issue #67: Text Editors,  Vidéothèque


    In our 50th issue, we reviewed some of the greatest classics in the field of programming and computing humor. Before that, we had reviewed the work of Kathy Sierra, a pioneer in the art of making computer programming books accessible and fun. Today, we will review a YouTube channel that combines the best of both.

  • Issue #67: Text Editors,  Library

    Charles Petzold

    How do you start learning about computers? The opinions about this particular subject have a cardinality close to the number of computer scientists or IT professionals on the planet. Everyone will have their own opinion, but a single book published in 2000 might have helped everyone reach an agreement, and that is no small feat.