• Issue #38: Design By Contract

    Issue #38: Design By Contract

    Welcome to the thirty-eighth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Design by Contract. In this edition, Adrian explains the origins of Design by Contract and its relation to assertions and exceptions; Graham discusses how to work with mutable state in your code through Design by Contract; and in the Library section, Adrian reviews "Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering" by Robert L. Glass.

  • Issue #38: Design By Contract

    How To Reason About Mutable State

    The idea, prevalent among those who would prefer you to use functional programming languages, that it is impossible to reason using non-functional programming languages due to the existence of mutable state, is newer than many of the reasoning mechanisms and tools that we use to understand programs that use mutable state.

  • Issue #37: Microsoft

    Putting The $ In Micro$oft

    When I started in the world of professional computing, it was popular to spell MS as micro$oft or micro$haft or micro$loth. Or, if you were feeling particularly snarky, micros~1. Windows was invariably spelt windoze. What did they do to deserve that reputation?