• Issue #47: Rust

    The Double Denim Of Software Engineering

    I am told that I am irresponsible. Why? Because I continue to use and maintain working software. I am told that my plan—to use my experience, along with the library of well-tested functions that I and my colleagues have built up over the decades—barely counts as a plan at all.

  • Issue #47: Rust,  Library

    Michael Feathers

    Adrian previously discussed Working Effectively with Legacy Code when he talked about how to choose a programming language for your book. It deserves revisiting though, so here it is in the library section.

  • Issue #46: Computer Museums,  Title

    Issue #46: Computer Museums

    Welcome to the forty-sixth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Computer Museums. In this edition, Adrian visits four computer museums in Switzerland, Graham reflects about the importance of memory and the role of museums, and in the Library section, Adrian reviews William Aspray's biography of John von Neumann.