• Issue #29: Internet Of Things,  Library

    Douglas Hofstadter

    You may be worried that I am going to talk about an author of books that are not about programming, and you are correct and incorrect. Correct, in that Hofstadter's books are not about programming (the intellectually hollow like to claim that they are not about anything at all, or that if you think you know what they are about then you did not understand them; this is untrue). Incorrect, in that Hofstadter's books and computer programs themselves are about the same thing.

  • Issue #28: Programming As A Hobby

    Issue #28: Programming As A Hobby

    Welcome to the twenty-eigth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Programming as a Hobby. In this edition, Adrian explains how hobbies prevent specialization from taking over our minds; Graham argues that the current approach to bring new generations to programming is flawed; and in the Library section, Adrian reviews "Dealers of Lightning" by Michael Hiltzik.

  • Issue #28: Programming As A Hobby


    There is a common trope that says we would get more children interested in programming as a hobby if programming as a hobby was like the programming our generation did as a hobby. By our generation, I mean a broad swathe of people in WEIRD (Westernised, Educated, Industrialised, Rich, and Democratic) societies who are mid-late Gen X and early-mid Gen Y, who can claim to have "grown up" with microprocessors either as kit boards or in the form of slab-form-factor microcomputers, ending approximately with the dominance of the PC and Windows 95.