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    Issue #7: Work

    Welcome to the seventh issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Work. In this rather depressing yet unabashedly hopeful edition, Marie-Cécile Godwin Paccard writes about the danger and meaning of burnout and how to avoid Karōshi. Adrian Tineo denounces unspoken bullying and harassment in workplaces.Graham shares a very personal quest for meaning and purpose through work and towards Ikigai. And in this issue's subscriber-only article, Adrian shares some job interview anecdotes, with a hopeful twist at the end.

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    Business As Unusual

    We need to talk about work. "Work? What’s wrong with work?" you may ask. You would be right to do so. A couple of years back, I might have asked the same thing. From the outside, nothing is wrong with the world of work, nor the workplace. Especially in the tech industry, right? Most of us get pretty good perks and we no longer have to spend 40 years of our life fiddling around for 12 hours a day on a production line like our elders. Metaphorically speaking, of course…

  • Guests,  Issue #07: Work

    Learnings From Toxic Abuse

    Though I was well aware of toxic abuse in the workplace, I only really began to understand it when I was subjected to it. By sharing my story I hope to spark reflections and discussions that will contribute to create a healthier workplace in our industry.

  • Issue #07: Work

    Finding A Purpose

    I have spent a lot of my forty work hours a week over the last five years looking for a way out of burnout. Sometimes, it is an active process. I write plans about the next phase of my life, make changes, or throw myself into a new job or hobby. At other times it is more passive. I stare down the clock in my latest chair-warming job. Then I can get home to stare at that clock and warm a more comfortable chair.