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    Issue #62: IBM

    Welcome to the sixty-second issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, about IBM. In this edition, we ask our readers to think about the impact of huge corporations such as IBM in our industry; in the Library section, we review some corporate biographies of IBM by James Cortada, Emerson Pugh, and Louis V. Gerstner, Jr; and in our Vidéothèque section, we watch a psychedelic corporate movie by Jim Henson.

  • Issue #62: IBM


    Among the oldest companies still active we can find: a few Japanese corporations founded between 500 and 800 AD, a restaurant in Austria, a French winery, an Italian bell maker, and quite a few hotels scattered all over the Northern Hemisphere. Through a combination of opportunism, luck, corruption, monopoly, perseverance, talent, and ingenuity, these businesses have been able to survive the inevitable chaos of the markets where they operate; in some incredible cases, for longer than a whole millennium.

  • Issue #62: IBM,  Vidéothèque

    Jim Henson

    There is so much content about IBM online that it became quite complicated to pick an entry for the Vidéothèque section this month. We are talking about a company with monthly marketing budgets bigger in absolute numbers than the average yearly payroll of a small or medium enterprise; and with more than 100 years of history, there are quite a few stories to be told about it.