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Every month, De Programmatica Ipsum invites one or more paid guest writers to publish their thoughts in our publication. Yes, you read right: we pay our guest writers. We actively favor giving voice to diverse groups in every issue. Also, they get a free one-year subscription!


Our schedule for the next issues is the following:

  • #1, October 2018: Hype (published)
  • #2, November 2018: Quality (published)
  • #3, December 2018: Security (guest writer already selected)
  • #4, January 2019: Programming: Art or Science? (2 guest writers already selected!)
  • #5, February 2019: Ethics.
  • #6, March 2019: Diversity and inclusion, or going beyond the realm of the 25-35 year old caucasian male developer. This issue will be a 3-guest writer edition! (2 of them already selected)
  • #7, April 2019: Work: workplace, burnout, unions, hierarchies…
  • #8, May 2019: Programming history, revisionism…
  • #9, June 2019: Project management methodologies: agile, waterfall…
  • #10, July 2019: Programming paradigms: functional, OOP, procedural, serverless…
  • #11, August 2019: Leadership.
  • #12, September 2019: Programming languages: influence in productivity, communities, trolling…
  • #13, October 2019: Books, podcasting and conference speaking.
  • #14, November 2019: Automatization / AI and the future of software engineering as a craft.

Our Voice

De Programmatica Ipsum is:

  • Friendly. You are not doing it wrong, they are not doing it wrong, you each have different contexts and experiences that we would like to highlight and learn from.
  • Inclusive. You, our reader, and they, our example third person, are not a college-educated white man with no disabilities unless you or they tell us that is how you or they want to be identified.
  • Experienced. We, including our guest contributors, are happy to acknowledge that we have seen a lot over the years and want to share the fruits of that experience with our readers, while being mindful of the different experiences you have had that we have not.

Terms and Conditions for Writers

Some guidelines when writing in De Programmatica Ipsum, as a complement of the general Terms and Conditions:


  • De Programmatica Ipsum always goes live on the first Monday of each month.
  • We need the first draft of your article 3 weeks before publication (around the 10th of the previous month; for example, for June’s edition, that’d be May 10th.)
  • If you cannot reach the deadline, because sometimes life happens, no worries; get in touch with us quickly and we will see what we can do.

About the content of your article:

  • Articles must be written in English.
  • We expect your article to have between a minimum of 1200 to a maximum of 2000 words.
  • You are free to speak your mind around the topic; we will only edit your article for grammar and visual appearance.
  • You must respect the voice of this magazine.
  • We reserve our right to reject your article at any time. We will tell you why, and we will help you during the process if you still want to publish it with us.

About the style of your article:

  • The Title Of The Article Is Always Capitalized.
  • If at all possible, try not to interrupt the flow of your text with pictures. Your writing is the most important thing.
  • You should pick an image from Unsplash to be the “featured image” of the article. A link with credits to the author of the picture must appear at the end of the article. If you do not pick one, we will do that for you during edition.
  • You should add a short summary for your article in the “Excerpt” section of the editor. If you do not do it, we will do it for you during edition.

Payment and Rights:

  • As soon as you confirm your participation in an upcoming issue, you must create an account; let us know your username and we will give you author rights.
  • You must complete your author page with a Gravatar profile image, a bio, and a banner (please check Adrian’s profile to see an example.)
  • After registration you will immediately receive a 1 (one) year subscription to this website.
  • We will pay you via PayPal within 10 (ten) days after the issue (the one where your article appears) is effectively published in the website. We will need your PayPal e-mail for that.
  • You own the copyright on your article.
  • You give us an exclusive, lifetime publication license to your article, including republication rights in other media.
  • Once published, your article cannot be reproduced in any other medium, in printed, electronic or other means, without our explicit authorization.

Join us!

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Cover photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash.