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Issue 067: Text Editors

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Issue 067: Text Editors

Welcome to the sixty-seventh issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, about Text Editors. In this edition, we argue that "editor wars" are a pointless loss of time; in the Library section, we review "Code" by Charles Petzold; and in our Vidéothèque section, we watch a video from the Fireship channel.

For Lack Of A Better Word

Text is a surprisingly dense medium. Despite what the common pretension of online folklore states, I consider the adage, "an image is worth a thousand words" to be a blatant slur, and this magazine is my feeble attempt at demonstrating such a thesis. Text is powerful, deep, and intricate; if anything because it can be misinterpreted and reinterpreted a piacere.


In our 50th issue, we reviewed some of the greatest classics in the field of programming and computing humor. Before that, we had reviewed the work of Kathy Sierra, a pioneer in the art of making computer programming books accessible and fun. Today, we will review a YouTube channel that combines the best of both.

Charles Petzold

How do you start learning about computers? The opinions about this particular subject have a cardinality close to the number of computer scientists or IT professionals on the planet. Everyone will have their own opinion, but a single book published in 2000 might have helped everyone reach an agreement, and that is no small feat.

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