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Issue 006: Diversity & Inclusion

Issue 006: Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to the sixth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Diversity & Inclusion. In this 100% free edition, without a subscriber-only article, Sheree Atcheson, award-winning Diversity and Inclusion leader, gives us an exclusive interview. Julia Cacciapuoti talks about hiring diversity in a male-dominated industry, and Susanna Riccardi explains why some ideas to increase diversity have detrimental effects.

Sheree Atcheson On Diversity And Inclusion

An exclusive interview with Sheree Atcheson, an award-winning Diversity and Inclusion leader. She spends her time helping organisations create inclusive environments which embrace people of all walks of life. She currently works at Deloitte UK as the Tech Respect & Inclusion Manager, at Women Who Code as a Board-Appointed Global Ambassador, and as a Contributor at Forbes.

Hiring Diversity (Beta Version)

The only constant is change… and the hiring process. The way companies design their hiring process has always kept my attention. But during the last couple of years, with the increasing discussions and researches about inclusion and diversity, this became even more special. We are walking through a new and super interesting paradigm, but still in beta version.

Why I Want People To Not Treat Me Differently

I personally find it diminishing to be invited to a conference, hired at a company, and generally being treated differently because of my gender. This is something I cannot control, unlike my education, my experience or my attitude towards other people. If what everybody is looking for is to be considered the same as anyone else, shouldn't we look at these values that any human being can actually influence?

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