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Issue 001: Hype

Issue 001: Hype

Welcome to the first issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Hype. In this edition Graham introduces the concept behind this magazine, Adrian argues that mainstream is the new hype, and in our first subscriber-only article, Graham unearthes the substance of hype.

Welcome to de Programmatica Ipsum! Established in 2018 by software industry veterans Adrian Kosmaczewski and Graham Lee, this monthly magazine brings analysis and opinion on the art and technology of making software from the people who make it. Here you will not find introductory articles on the latest web app framework or seed-funded database technology. Instead, you will find discussion on why there are so many web app frameworks and seed-funded databases, and how to survive the fatigue of being told it's time to migrate to the newest and shiniest – again.

Mainstream Is The New Hype

Early in September, while the first drafts of this article hit the administration console of WordPress, a friend of mine invited me to attend a projection of yet another Apple keynote, beer and pizza included; the usual hipstanerd package, in the office of some app development agency in the city of Bern. Surprisingly enough (or not,) Microsoft chose to host its online .NET Conference at exactly the same day and time. A telling story of Apple vs. Microsoft, once again, clashing in my professional life, offering me another possibility to branch the future of my professional universe with a simple decision.

What Is Behind The Hype?

Argumentem ad novitatum - appeal to novelty - is the fallacy of saying that some mindset, position, or artifact is good because it is _new_, and newer must mean better. Argumentum ad novitatum is itself named in Latin because of the equivalently fallacious form of argument, argumentum ad antiquitatem; the old ways are inherently better.

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