• Issue #31: English Language

    Issue #31: English Language

    Welcome to the thirty-first issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of the English Language. In this edition, Graham explains the conflicting relationship of programming language designers with English; Adrian dives into the geopolitics of the twentieth century that brought English-sounding programming languages to our computers; and in the Library section, Graham reminisces the legacy and work of Jef Raskin and his opus "The Humane Interface".

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    Jef Raskin

    It is a fairly well-known, but perhaps not broadly appreciated, fact that Apple's Macintosh could have been a very different computer. Sometimes known as the father of the Mac, sometimes as its eccentric uncle, the project was originally under the direction of computer scientist Jef Raskin. He managed to avoid Steve Jobs's ire for a while by not telling Jobs about the project, but after the Lisa failed and with Woz recovering from a plane crash, Steve needed something to do and checked in on what the former director of the documentation group was up to.