• Issue #19: Cross-Platform

    Issue #19: Cross-Platform

    Welcome to the nineteenth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Cross-Platform. In this edition, Graham analyzes the economics of cross-platform systems, and its impact in usability, availability, and ultimately, the profit margins of vendors; Adrian searches old issues of Dr. Dobbs’ Journal to contrast the evolution of cross-platform languages, frameworks, and IDEs, in the past 25 years; and in the Library section, Graham explains in detail Adele Goldberg’s contributions to Smalltalk-80 and to the computer industry, in particular through the books “Smalltalk-80: the Interactive Programming Environment,” “Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation,” and “Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice.”

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    Adele Goldberg

    These days, it's hard to appreciate that Object-Oriented Programming is so easy, it was taught to kids in junior high before it was ever taught to adults. As supposedly senior software engineers debate whether a Car truly "is a" Vehicle, and whether it wouldn't be easier to learn lambda calculus and determine the median monad blog post than to reflect the real objects in the real-world problem they're solving in their software, it seems reasonable to ask: is it really so difficult?