• Issue #35: Python,  Programming Languages

    Issue #35: Python

    Welcome to the thirty-fifth issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Python. In this edition, Graham describes the pains caused by the decade-long migration from Python 2 to 3; Adrian describes the preeminence of Python in the software industry of 2021; and in the Library section, Graham types import this in the REPL and recites the Zen of Python by Tim Peters.

  • Issue #35: Python,  Programming Languages

    The State Of Python In 2021

    At the risk of alienating most of the readership of this magazine, here is a confession. I hated Python for a very long time. My issue was not with the language per se, even though the indentation rules have put me off for a while. No, the reason I kept myself away from Python was the unfortunate contact with some (too many for my taste) hubris-filled Python developers. Well, that, and the no man's land that was the transition between Python 2 and 3.

  • Issue #34: Job Market

    Corals And Sharks

    Until the mid-90s, the Swiss job market required two things of anyone interested in pursuing a career in management in any major local industry: a university degree… and a grade in the Swiss Army. As a consequence, in the Swiss side of my family I had a fair share of sergeants, lieutenants, captains, and other mid- to high ranking officers, most of them in artillery and infantry.

  • Issue #34: Job Market,  Library

    Chad Fowler

    There was a time when I advertised my services as "Ruby on Rails" programmer. It was by that time that I got to learn the names and work of many people in that field; many of whom had come from the J2EE world, were tired of configuring everything in XML files, and preferred to use… YAML files instead. OK, I am being sarcastic here. Ruby on Rails was truly revolutionary when it appeared.