• Issue #47: Rust,  Programming Languages

    Issue #47: Rust

    Welcome to the forty-seventh issue of De Programmatica Ipsum, dedicated to the subject of Rust. In this edition, Graham doubts the need to rewrite all the wheels in Rust; Adrian observes the growth of Rust in the past 15 months; and in the Library section, Graham reviews "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" by Michael Feathers.

  • Issue #47: Rust,  Programming Languages

    The State Of Rust In 2022

    We published an article about Rust last year in our edition about Modernism. Here we are back again in this field 15 months later, watching this language take the industry by storm and become an ever-increasing influence in history. This short article will provide an overview of Rust's most visible impacts, according to this author's biased eye.

  • Issue #46: Computer Museums

    (Computer) Museums In Switzerland

    For such a small country, Switzerland has an extreme love for museums about the most incredible subjects, including some excellent museums dedicated to computer history. These museums feature fantastic collections, gathered and painstakingly maintained by state and private entities and, sometimes, even passionate individuals who devote their lives and budgets to a particular subject.

  • Issue #46: Computer Museums,  Library

    William Aspray

    There was a moment in which Kurt Gödel, Albert Einstein, and John von Neumann were all roaming the halls of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton at the same time. Let that information sink in. Humanity experiences such gatherings of brilliant minds in a remote location of the space-time continuum only every so often; maybe the ancient Greeks and the men of the Renaissance witnessed such periods in time, as did the IAS staff at the end of World War II. How much will we have to wait for the next such event?